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16 December 2012


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Caitlin Grace

LBL ( light bladder leakage is common after having babies BUT can be cured completely with the use of a Kegelmaster
( shameless plug but my God they work!!). I have had three babies and all of them had HUGE heads ( even the nurses said so) and this plays havoc with your pelvic floor. I have been doing pelvic floor exercise reigiously since I was 15 and first heard about them. BUT most of us are doing them wrong!! The Kegelmaster actually gives you something to squeeze onto and within a few reps a day bye bye LBL!.http://www.cgrace4wellbeing.com/wellbeing-shop.php

My mum had a prolapsed uterus in her forties and required a hysterectomy so I am all over looking after my pelvic floor!!

and funnily enough I am going commando today. Love to let the ladygarden get some fresh air. :)


I love that you are going commando today! Might have to put the Kegelmaster on my christmas list :)

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