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12 August 2013


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My thoughts on your questions are going to possibly be eye-opening but I think what you need to hear is this... Firstly, I know how insanely crazy it is to be a wife and a mother as well as have a demanding career...tired is a state of being. However...you make a pretty profound statement and I am going to wholeheartly disagree with your philosophy. You stated: "I first started Brazilian waxing to impress my husband - I did it for his birthday one year. He Loved it, so I kept going. Now that I have a daughter, it’s different. I have a responsibility. Every decision I make, impacts her. I’m her mummy, the person she learns from and hopefully looks up to. I’m happy for her to know that I wax." Whoa!!! Hmmm...I am stunned at this statement. My response: unless..I missed something and you are no longer married??...what I am about to say doesn't matter. But if you are still married. You have a responsibility to your husband as well! And you should still be waxing a lot more frequently than 4 years ago??? Because of this one statement that you made: you waxed because "Your husband loved it!!!" SJ, Having a daughter does not change the wifely nurturing and intimacy that we should be consistently giving to our husbands or significant partner. This is often what happens with women once we are married. We become complacent with our intimate commitment to our spouses. Before your beautiful baby girl existed...he was all important in your life but now that she has arrived. He has to take a backseat?? Not!!! You still have to keep up the Sexy, my dear and now more than ever and believe me.. if you don't someone else will do it for you! So you are very wrong, sweetie! Having a child does not make it different?! It just means you now have to wear many hats as we often do as women. As her mom as long as you are providing her with love and the things she needs to grow into a awesome little human...then she is all set. She is not happy or otherwise whether Mommy's kitty is furry or bald. She loves you all the same. But your husband most definitely is impacted by you choosing not to do something that previously brought him joy....and not for over 4 years?!...Not a good example for any young mother or wife!! You speak as though you a single parent raising your child alone. She has two parents that she should be looking up to and who both make decisions that impact her life. Honestly SJ, this waxing thing is not one of them. So to answer whether you should laser or wax. I say if you are not ready to commit to permanent hair removal just yet then just laser the bikini line at first and see how you feel. But in addition, continue waxing your vajayjay...more often than not...in order to delight your husband. Your daughter will be impacted by the playful love and intimacy she feels when her parents continue to do the very things that brought happiness & excitement to one another before she was created on one brazilian waxed vajayjay night. Continue to nurture one another as well as nurture her this will truly impact her life!!! ;-) With Kindness & Wisdom, Butterflibliss :-)


While I agree with Butterflibliss that it is important to work on our relationship and not neglect it for the sake of our children I have to disagree with the rest.
You say your husband loved it when you did it for a birthday surprise( an what self respecting man would tell his beloved that he didn't love the gift she gave him???) has he complained since you stopped waxing?
Ultimately it is your body and igf you love getting waxed then do it. And if you don't , don't. The most important lesson you can teach your daughter is that her body is her own and that no-one gets to dictate how it looks or what she decides to do with it.
There was a big furore last year when Will smiths daughter cut her hair and Jada Pinkett-Smith wrote the most amazing piece about just this . The gift you give your daughter is ownership of her body, give yourself the same gift and do whatever feels right for you.
Obviously your husband loves you regardless of how much or little hair you are sporting "down there"
Love and blessings Caitlin

SJ Tierney

Thanks for the comments ladies! Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I am still happily married Butterflibliss and I do wax regularly, I just haven't taken it all the way. My husband loves my unconditionally the way I am and we are still just as in love now as we were when we first met.

Thanks again for your thoughts. My very best wishes to you! SJx


I say go with whatever you want. I have always had a massive amount of hair. I never once waxed. I was a little curious so gave it a go. Having never seen it done and never having it done I did it myself. WOW. It hurt like everything and came out messy but livable. He loved it and our bedroom life shot through the roof. But more than that I like it. I feel so different and clean I'm glad I did. It is so hard though. I also have a new little girl and have had the same thoughts but I feel if I talk to her then we will be fine... I hope.

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